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Bring in some extra luck this coming Chinese New Year with this set. It is complete with all the basics you need to give your year that added boost.

Each set contains:
Fish Tikoy = "Nian nian you yi" is what they say in Chinese, literally meaning "Every year there's fish to eat". It is believed that fish bring abundance and prosperity, symbolizing a year where you and your family will never go hungry. Also, the fact that it is tikoy, means the luck you attract with this set also sticks to you.

Pineapple Hopia = In Chinese, there's a premium on Pineapples come New Year's Day. It is because the Chinese call pineapples "Ong Lai", which sounds like "Luck Come Here". Also, the yellow color of pineapples are synonymous to gold, which always is a welcome sight during New Year feasts.

Mongo Special Hopia = Red is a very happy color in Chinese, and it is always used for lucky charms and other beliefs in good luck. Our most popular hopia is boxed in our signature red color, earning it a special place in many Chinese homes during this time of year. Also, it is believed that one should serve sweet food items during the eve of Chinese New Year, so as to tell the luck gods that you hope for a sweet year ahead.

Gold Chocolate coins = What's a Lucky Money set without gold coins? This is to symbolize wealth for you and your family this coming year. If you have more gold coins, you can opt to add it in as well. 

Shelf life: 1 month at room temperature for the hopia   / 2 weeks for the koi fish tikoy

Delivered in 3-5 days for Metro Manila and 5-7 days for Provincial.