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TRAUMA AND "I" Understanding Childhood Trauma and its Effects in Our Lives
  • TRAUMA AND "I" Understanding Childhood Trauma and its Effects in Our Lives

TRAUMA AND "I" Understanding Childhood Trauma and its Effects in Our Lives

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Understanding Childhood Trauma and its Effects in Our Lives
August 26, 2017 // 2PM – 5PM
QCX- Quezon City Memorial Circle

This 3-hour conference is designed to allow participants to understand the lasting impact of childhood traumas and/or experiences that affect their development and behavior. The speaker, Ms. Christine Foong-Wong is a renowned Psychotrauma Therapist from Singapore who trained under Professor Franz Ruppert of Germany who spent the last 20 years researching and developing a revolutionary new theory called Identity Theory and a method of Intention to discover what has happened to us. With Ms. Wong’s expertise and more than 15 years of experience in coaching, the participant will discover the root cause of their struggles in life, relationships, work problems, health, and money issues. This will support them to increase their healthy structures, understand the root trauma behind each symptom as well as identify the different identities they have unconsciously created due to stress or trauma.

Attend this seminar and obtain valuable insights on what you can do as:

· A Person – gain deep realizations of the possible sources of your personal challenges in life and in relationships and make you understand what could have possibly happened to you during your childhood. And to be completely aware why you react in certain ways when prompted - be more responsible for your actions and reactions and avoid conflicts with the people around you.

· A Parent and/or Would-be-Parent – to become better parents (or prepare yourself to become a healthy parent), have a better appreciation of your children and help them have healthier “systems” in the areas of neurological, psychological, hormonal, physical, social, and mental.

Ticket to this seminar is Php500.00/person.

Delivered in 3-5 business days for Metro Manila and 5-7 business days for Provincial.