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How to Shop on Takatack


Select an item Select the item you want to purchase and click the buy button. To adjust the quantity of the item, click the plus(+) or minus(-) button accordingly.


Confirm shopping cart When you have already selected all the items you want to purchase, go to your cart and click "Check out now!"


Choose a payment method Takatack offers numerous ways to pay for your purchase. To place your order, just select your preferred payment method from the list.


Use a coupon code If you have a coupon code, you may use this by entering the coupon code and click "Apply"

Note: Coupon code only applies to products fulfilled by Takatack.


Place your order Click the "Place order" button to confirm your order/s. Some payment methods will redirect you to their site to complete payment.


Shipping details Congratulations! You have successfully completed your order. You will be redirected to the summary page containing the details of your order and a confirmation email will be sent shortly.

Make a payment with Dragonpay


Choose a payment method Choose Dragonpay as your preferred payment method.


Fund source Choose the payment fund source among the Online Bank payment options.


You may choose to make a deposit or an OTC (over-the-counter) payment through any bank.

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How to identify partner online stores


Takatack shops Takatack Shops have the "Buy" button.


Third party shops Third Party Shops or Affiliates have the price on the button which links you out to their sites to continue your shopping.